• Rosy Rosa 3D Beauty Sponge

    Rosy Rosa 3D Beauty Sponge

    I think I have found my HG makeup sponge. The Rosy Rosa 3D Beauty Sponge can be used either wet or dry. I personally prefer using it wet as it helps prevent my foundation from caking. It also allows for larger coverage and application at a time due to the sponge’s increased size when damp….

  • Yuskin Cream – For rough skin

    Yuskin Cream – For rough skin

    Yuskin Cream, which I discovered on my first visit to Tokyo, is classified as a quasi-drug. It is a medicinal all-purpose moisturizer, particularly for dry and rough skin, that is free of alcohol, fragrance, and silicon. It contains hyaluronic acid, which, apart from moisturizing, helps heal wounds and reduce scarring. I first discovered Yukin Cream’s…

  • KissMe Heroine Make

    KissMe Heroine Make

    I already have many mascaras, but I couldn’t resist buying a Heroine Make mascara and a lash primer/base during my recent trip to Japan. One more mascara and a primer wouldn’t hurt, right? 😏 Heroine Make Curl Keep Mascara Base – 50 Fleur Violet The Curl Keep Mascara Base is a lash primer or base…

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