• Yuskin Cream – For rough skin

    Yuskin Cream – For rough skin

    Yuskin Cream, which I discovered on my first visit to Tokyo, is classified as a quasi-drug. It is a medicinal all-purpose moisturizer, particularly for dry and rough skin, that is free of alcohol, fragrance, and silicon. It contains hyaluronic acid, which, apart from moisturizing, helps heal wounds and reduce scarring. I first discovered Yukin Cream’s…

  • KissMe Heroine Make

    KissMe Heroine Make

    I already have many mascaras, but I couldn’t resist buying a Heroine Make mascara and a lash primer/base during my recent trip to Japan. One more mascara and a primer wouldn’t hurt, right? 😏 Heroine Make Curl Keep Mascara Base – 50 Fleur Violet The Curl Keep Mascara Base is a lash primer or base…

  • An afternoon at Setagaya

    An afternoon at Setagaya

    Getting to Setagaya is easy. For this trip, in particular, our main destination was Todoroki Valley. It takes about 40 minutes to travel from Central Tokyo via train, including a couple of stops and transfers. Google Maps is very reliable to use in Japan. When checking train schedules in the evening, make sure to set…

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