Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders

By Stewart P Evans and Keith Skinner

Between August and November 1888 six prostitutes were found murdered in London’s East End. The killer, Jack the Ripper, was never found. This pack tells the story through exact facsimiles of key documents from the Metropolitan Police and Home Office files held at the Public Record Office. The documents include: the Dear Boss letter to the police signed Jack the Ripper, 25 September 1888 – the first appearance of the famous nickname; Scotland Yard report, 6 November 1888 – includes the text of the Ripper letter sent with a piece of human kidney; witness statement by George Hutchinson, 9 November 1888 – who saw the last victim and a suspect on the night of her murder; and the Macnaghten report, 23 February 1894 – naming three Scotland Yard suspects.

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