Volvo FM Truck at Shellane Fleet Revolution

Shell Gas launches its newest Volvo LPG fleet

I feel bad; it took me a year to post about the event. I still decided to go ahead with the post because there was an actual truck in the event. An actual truck! For a very long time, I have always wanted to ride in one.

Last 14 June 2011, Shell Gas (LPG) the Philippines launched their new primary and secondary hauling and delivery fleet of Volvo trucks. It was held at One Esplanade, SM Business Park, Pasay City.

Shell Gas (LPG) Partners with Volvo Trucks to Step Up Road Transport Fleet
Commits to Deliver Best In Class Products and Services with Latest Innovation

14 June 2011, Manila: Leading provider of liquefied petroleum gas Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines, Inc., is raising the bar on service quality with its recent partnership with Civic Merchandising, the exclusive distributor of Volvo Trucks, for the re-fleeting of its primary and secondary hauling and delivery trucks.

The partnership with one of the top producers of transport solutions worldwide reinforces Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines? adherence to the highest benchmark for its fleet requirements which will ultimately secure a more efficient delivery of service and products to its consumers.

With an uptrend in the demand for hazard-free products, Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines’ latest initiative underpins its resolve to deliver safe, reliable and high quality liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to its consumers. Our partnership with a global brand like Volvo will directly benefit medium to large-scale manufacturing companies and other industrial consumers who will be assured of best in class products and services,” said Ramon del Rosario, general manager for Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines, Inc.

At a media briefing and unveiling of the new Volvo FM truck, Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines expressed optimism that its latest initiative will further boost consumer confidence in the brand. Volvo FM is known for being a very reliable transporter, boasting of a powerful driveline with its technologically-advanced engines. Volvo FM trucks, the first Volvo LPG trucks in the country, are deemed very well suited to a wide range of local and regional transport operations in the Philippines. Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines further revealed that it is significantly increasing its volume achievement in the next five years.

Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines’ recent commissioning of Volvo FM trucks is in support to a resolution passed by the United Nations known as the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020. The UN reported that nearly 1.3 million lives are claimed yearly by road accidents all over the world.

“Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines supports the campaign to build a road accident-free culture in the Philippines. LPG consumers can be confident that Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines always puts a high premium on safety and will always be committed to finding new ways to boost the safe delivery of our products,” said del Rosario.

Shellane Fleet Revolution

Shellane Fleet Revolution

It was a relief I was with a friend because I felt so out of place. I even switched my work outfit to something casual. But it was too casual for the event. ? We were invited as “media guests” for online/blog coverage.

Anyway, Mr. Ramon del Rosario, General Manager of Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines, was called on stage for his welcome remarks. Afterward, to kickstart the evening, Mr. del Rosario (and a partner of Shell, I suppose) pressed a large red button, reminding me of Looney Tunes. ? The lights went dim, and women in black tights appeared on stage with a short dance portraying espionage moves.

A video came on-screen, highlighting the specs and features of the newly acquired Volvo truck fleet. Then the managers were back on stage to unlock a code to reveal–

–an actual truck behind the white screen!

Volvo FM Truck at Shellane Fleet Revolution
Volvo FM Truck at Shellane Fleet Revolution

The new Volvo FM Truck leverages on the traditional trademark of safety and unparalleled technology from global brand Volvo.

Volvo FM Trucks have the capability to stand up to heavy loads, rough terrain and challenging inclines. This heavy-duty vehicle is built for protection not only for the driver and passenger, but for other vehicles on the road. It is the first vehicle to be used in the Philippines for the transport of liquified petroleum gas (LPG).

I was excited! My first thought was, “Can I ride it???” ?

A toast among, I’m guessing, the big peoples of Shell Gas (LPG) Phils., Civic Merchandising, Volvo Trucks, and MAC Movers.

After the presentation and toasting, the cocktails resumed, and guests could check the truck up close. I mean, I could then check the truck up close. ?

Most importantly…

One of the VIPs/managers took this photo of me, also explaining the truck’s features. I guess he saw my happiness being in that truck that he had to show me what it can do while also reminding me not to step on the gas. ? I would like to think he also wanted to try my fisheye camera.

Fisheye No. 2 photos

It is unlikely I’ll ever own or drive a truck of such, so I’m really grateful for the experience. It was like a fulfilled dream just being able to sit in one. ?

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