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I’m an 8-5 employee/engineer, hoping to travel full-time someday. When I can travel and go on vacations, I make the most of it without breaking the bank. 😉

In Travel Diary, I document my travels by sharing mostly photos in hopes to motivate someone to visit and see the same sights and discoveries.

  • Sohoton Caves and Natural Bridge Park

    Sohoton Caves and Natural Bridge Park

    Sohoton Caves and Natural Bridge Park is an 841 ha protected natural park in Basey, Samar (Philippines) consisting of caves, waterfalls, limestone formations, and a thick forest. The Sohoton Caves must be my first caving ever, and hopefully not my last. We had a day trip to Samar on the second day of our weekend…

  • A weekend in Leyte

    A weekend in Leyte

    Friends and I used to wait for local flight promos, and we picked Tacloban so we could go to Samar for caving. Tacloban, an autonomous urbanized city, is the provincial capital of Leyte. I’ll save our caving in Samar for another post. For now, I’ll share highlights of our weekend-long vacation in Leyte. I don’t…

  • Virtual Traveling

    Virtual Traveling

    I was already thinking of when and where to go next while still on vacation last December. My being undecided became a good thing because of the sudden lock down and, obviously, flight cancellations. Nothing for me to worry over, thankfully. Now, I just wonder when we can travel again. I’m sure things will be…