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I’m an 8-5 employee/engineer, hoping to travel full-time someday. When I can travel and go on vacations, I make the most of it without breaking the bank. 😉

In Travel Diary, I document my travels by sharing mostly photos in hopes to motivate someone to visit and see the same sights and discoveries.

  • Virtual Traveling

    Virtual Traveling

    I was already thinking of when and where to go next while still on vacation last December. My being undecided became a good thing because of the sudden lock down and, obviously, flight cancellations. Nothing for me to worry over, thankfully. Now, I just wonder when we can travel again. I’m sure things will be…

  • Less than a day in Sagada

    Less than a day in Sagada

    This post has been in my drafts for so long. Hopefully, anything I share here will still be of help when you go to Sagada. Late last year, I went on an out of the country vacation, but I still felt burnt out. (It must have been too short. 😂) So, I asked my boyfriend…