Dove Silky Nourishing Body Cream and Hunny Bee Coconut Body OIl

Current Body Care (at least for another week)

I’ve been using a couple of body care for a while now, the Dove Silky Nourishing Body Cream and Hunny Bee Coconut Oil. I haven’t talked about these, and I thought I should while there’s still about a week’s worth left from these two products.

Dove Silky Nourishing Body Cream

As somewhat of a Dove fangirl (I’ve been using Dove products since 8 years old, as far as I remember), I always want to try their stuff. I saw the Dove Silky Nourishing Body Cream at S&R, so I went ahead and purchased (their price is typically lower than SRP).

The Dove Silky Nourishing Body Cream comes in a 300-ml tub. It has that signature Dove scent, which reminds me of coming out fresh from the bath. The body cream has a whipped consistency; thin that I think is typical of a lotion instead of a cream.

I like it’s lightweight that I can use it before heading out of the house (back when we can all freely go out, lol). It sinks in the skin fairly quick without leaving a greasy and sticky feeling. It’s great for my arms and hands, but sadly, it doesn’t do much for the dry areas of my body, such as my lower legs and feet. An hour after applying on my feet, I can already feel the dryness.

Hunny Bee Coconut Oil

I discovered the Hunny Bee Coconut Body Oil while browsing the body care section at a Marshalls store.

I like using coconut oil for my body, not only because I enjoy the scent but helps with my dry areas. The Hunny Bee Coconut Body Oil works best when I mix it with a body lotion or body cream. In turn, I cannot use it prior to going out because my skin would feel quite greasy for hours. Its thick consistency makes it difficult to rub all over. It also doesn’t sink in immediately.

However, while I was at VA during the winter season and without mixing it with a body lotion or body cream, I found it sinks into the skin faster and keeps my arms, legs, and feet from drying.

I had to do the same with another coconut body oil I used before with the same thick consistency. Though this is only the second time, I can’t say I should entirely skip thick body oils but I might as well. 😛


Neither appealed to me. I think I’ll give the Dove Dermaseries for Dry Skin a try next time. Hunny Bee, on the other hand, is not locally available. I also can’t find details of the brand on Google, and its website does not work anymore, so there’s no next time, haha.

I think I have a week left from the Dove Silky Nourishing Body Cream and Hunny Bee Coconut Body Oily. Looking forward to trying new body care after I use these up. 🙂

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