Ettusais Eye Edition Prism Mauve

Review: Ettusais Eye Edition Prism Mauve Liquid Color

The Ettusais Eye Edition Liquid Color is very impressive compared to my experience with other liquid eyeshadows. I’m glad I did not hold back in buying despite not knowing any reviews first.

Ettusais has been releasing some makeup products for a while now. I’ve only been familiar with their sunscreen, actually. Anyway, one thing from their makeup that really stood out to me is their Eye Edition Liquid Color. I got Prism Mauve, a mauve shade with a shimmery finish.

The first time I tried Ettusais Eye Edition Prism Mauve, I wore it for more than 12 hours (as I worked all night). There was no creasing or fading, which is why I am so impressed.

The liquid eyeshadow applies sheer, no mess, and feels a bit cooling. For an even finish, I layered it. I didn’t have issues like picking up/removing what I already applied, tackiness, or shimmer fallout. It does not have chunks of glitter (thank goodness!), so there’s no feeling of grittiness.

The flocked applicator feels soft, and the shape follows the curve of my lids. But I hope it could be smaller since my lid space is small. πŸ˜› So far, only that and the sheerness are the things I dislike.

Oh, the tube also feels light, like it does not have a lot of product in it. I only hope it doesn’t dry up fast.

My good experience with my first Ettusais makes me want to look at their other stuff. Hm, maybe the face/base products since the color (for lips or eyes) seems too sheer for my taste.

Ettusais Eye Edition Liquid Color in three shades
Ettusais Eye Edition Prism Mauve

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