Lunch at DO-ZO

My first time at DO-ZO was for lunch with my mother. We arrived a little after lunchtime, so the restaurant wasn’t crowded. We were promptly seated and given the option to choose our table.

DO-ZO, located at Basement 1 of Akasaka BIZ Tower, has a wide variety of food options. It looks the same for drinks with all the bottles they have on display, but I didn’t see any listed on their menu unless it’s separate, and they forgot to give it.

I had cold udon with egg and mentaiko and seared bonito set meal that came with rice (white and brown choices), miso soup, and side dishes.

Unfortunately, the mentaiko udon was overpowered by some herb seasoning (I think), so I could hardly taste it. However, the seasoned bonito is good, and for JPY950, I would highly recommend it. Another recommendation is their sundubu jjigae. It’s very flavorful with a mild spiciness and packed with tofu, pork, and vegetables.

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