Review: Rouge Dior 666 Matte Kisss

Nope, that wasn’t a typo. πŸ˜‰

I only intended to get theΒ Rouge Dior Liquid Copper LavaΒ from Dior‘s 2018 fall makeup collection. (An attempt in my low buy, haha!) But the Rouge Dior 666 Matte Kisss was released at the same time as the liquid lipstick. My wallet wasn’t ready! πŸ˜‚Β  I didn’t want to skip it because of the shade name. Shallow, I know, haha!

Rouge Dior 666 Matte Kisss

Rouge Dior 666 Matte Kisss Review

Honestly, I had second thoughts when I had the tester on hand. I thought, “Do I need another red?” My red lipsticks haven’t been used lately. But I swatched the lipstick and, oh my goodness, it went on smooth and pigmented, reminding me of the Tom Ford matte lipsticks.

Rouge Dior 666 Matte Kisss swatch

Matte Kisss is unlike other Rouge Dior mattes I have tried. The 999 Matte feels a bit dry on the lips as if it’s more matte, while 666 Matte Kisss feels creamy yet light.

666 Matte Kisss is cherry red. It’s blue-based, I guess? It also seems to match any skin tone. A friend who has a bit of a tan looks great with it.

Wearing Rouge Dior 666 Matte Kisss (and this was my first successful eyeliner application)


You must check this shade if you’re looking for the red lipstick; that one for special occasions. πŸ˜‰ Matte Kisss costs Php2250, priced slightly higher than the regular Rouge Dior lipsticks.

It is also included in the limited lipstick set in the holiday 2018 collection with only the case as the difference. The holiday version has a sparkly silver band around the case.

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