Shibuya’s 3D calico cat

My last post has been over 2 years, and it was when I updated and fixed my blog’s theme. It has been that long, and I’m still undecided if I want to quit blogging. A part of me thinks I should keep it for archival purposes until the contents aren’t relevant anymore (as if I have anything up to date, lol). I also have an attachment with my domain. After all, it’s the first male pair I shipped. 🫠

I understand that blogging nowadays tends to be less personal yet remains helpful, meaningful, and relatable. Although I do not live an influencer lifestyle, I am still passionate about beauty and taking (overseas) trips/vacations when time and finances allow. I can talk about them, which I hope would be interesting for someone. πŸ˜‰

My goals for my blog last year were almost impossible, considering I hadn’t prioritized blogging in years. But, as I type this, I believe I am gaining clarity on where to focus on my blog, especially when beauty and travel remain my interests. I have also set my goals to be more achievable.

Anyway, I’m currently (on my third visit) in Tokyo. Since I’m here, my upcoming posts will likely be Japan-related. It’s also really time to go through tons of photos and videos, which fill up most of my phone’s storage, and choose which to publish. I’ll start with this one: the 3D calico cat in Shibuya. πŸ™‚

If you’re in Shibuya and have time to walk around, spare a few minutes to check out the 3D calico cat. It’s so adorable!

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