Abaddon Manila

My Abaddon story: The night before the event, I had a dream of hacking portals and acquiring an MUFG Capsule, which caused a leg spasm out of excitement. I ended up playing during Abaddon Manila with a stiff right leg.πŸ˜…

After mugs and mugs of coffee, I finished my Abaddon Manila vlog. There wouldn’t be this without ENL PH, Team Mon and Pumba from the Abaddon Anomaly, all the Ingress players who participated, and Archie who created the collage. πŸ˜„ I hope you enjoyed the video enough to hit the like button. πŸ˜‰

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  1. […] Ex Gel Oil Eye Makeup Remover (whew, what a long name!). It did not fail me the whole day of the Abaddon Anomaly (yes, I play Ingress if you don’t know yet hihi~). It was sunny then it rained, and sunny […]

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