Manila International Auto Show 2010

The Manila International Auto Show 2010 was held in Philippine World Trade Center (PWTC) on April 14. As usual, other than showcasing cars (customized and upcoming models) and car show models, there were contests for participating auto companies.

I remember feeling underwhelmed with the car show considering it was in a supposedly more spacious location than previous car shows I went to earlier. Management even provided service so guests could return to the main area (from the back of the center) without having to walk far. No other activities come to mind. PWTC had very few food stalls in its lobby to cater to all the guests. If I remember correctly, the center didn’t allow food stalls inside the event areas. Understandable, but if you want or expect many to visit, there should have been more food choices. My last visit at PWTC was for Big Bad Wolf (in 2019), and that issue was still there.

I have both film and digital photos from Manila International Auto Show 2010. The majority of the digital pictures were blurry, maybe because my (budget) digital camera back then was not good enough for indoor photography. As for film photos, I have few lucky shots.

See the entire gallery here: Link.

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  1. marco Avatar

    I too liked that girl with the bangs. But something about her seemed too good to be true. Prolly was a dude. Why do I keep psyching myself out this way?

    1. Shabby Avatar

      … She doesn’t look like a dude! She gives the biatchy vibe which makes me like her, but I get the feeling she’s fun to hang out with. πŸ˜€ I gotta keep going to car shows to look for her. Hahaha~

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