Car show events in 2010

It was in 2010 when I began going to car show events. I had fun seeing the numerous vintage, sport, and muscle cars in one place, but that was just during the first few visits. I’m no car enthusiast, so for me, it seemed like they were all the same. But being into photography, that made me go to more car show events. Also, because I used my toy cameras, that attracted attention. ?

Since I’ve been (slowly) reorganizing and backing up photos, I worked on those from the car shows that year. The wrong dates and those that could and should have been deleted irked me. At the same time, I updated my old related posts. The Manila Auto Salon is directly linked to a Google Photos album instead because I deleted its blog post. The film photos from that event are missing, so it seems that would be the only one left to update.

Face Off Campus Road Show, 14 March 2010

Manila International Auto Show, 18 April 2010

Grand Metro Auto Fest, 11 September 2010

Manila Auto Salon, 21 November 2010

Back then, films and film processing weren’t as expensive as they are now, so I took as many photos with my film cameras as I can. The photos are meant to be shared, hence my re-uploads and post updates.

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