Melissa x Jason Wu – Ultragirl IV-my first Melissa

I discovered Melissa when its shoe collaboration with Vivienne Westwood (VW) caught my eye in a store at Greenbelt 5. They were too expensive though, so I had to forget those. πŸ˜… But I checked the brand online and saw another pretty pair of flats. They are more logical to wear and walk around in than the VWs with high heels I first saw.

I wanted a pair of Melissa shoes since my office shoes from last year wore out fast because of the frequent rains. Actually, it was both a want and need. πŸ˜‚

So, here is my first pair of Melissa–a collaboration with Jason Wu–the Ultragirl IV.

Melissa x Jason Wu - Ultragirl IV

Ultragirl IV is slightly translucent with a (plastic) golden bow that looks like rays of light. The bow is different from other Melissa x Jason Wu shoes that are typically made of cloth. The heels have about a half-an-inch rise.

I first wore these on my trip to El Nido. The shoes are surprisingly comfortable. They also smell nice. I was told it’s Melissa’s signature shoe scent that will stay on for a very long time as long as I store the shoes properly after wear. I like that I have become less worried about my shoes when it rains; however, they become slippery when wet. Like my feet lose grip and the shoes fall off when I walk. πŸ˜‚

Since I truly liked my first pair of Melissa shoes, I’m sure I’ll be having a collection.

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