Melissa shoe collection

Since discovering Melissa, I have been keeping tabs on their releases. Melissa shoes are made of a PVC type, MELFLEX, which is recyclable, resistant, and comfortable. True enough, they take a while to wear out, and for most of their shoes, I hardly had to worry about them getting wet. They also smell very nice. The signature scent of their shoes lasts as long as they are stored properly in their boxes.

The following is the list of all the Melissa shoes I own and owned (because some of them I already disposed). This list was last updated on 15 June 2024.

Collection list
  1. Melissa + Jason Wu Ultragirl IV
  2. Ultragirl Heel
  3. Melissa Jean + Jason Wu
  4. Ballet
  5. Melissa Artemis + Jason Wu
  6. Flip
  7. Aranha 1979
  8. Melissa Magda + Jason Wu
  9. Optical
  10. Boemia II
  11. Panapana
  12. Space Sport
  13. Sauce
  14. Billy Creepers
  15. Disco

Melissa + Jason Wu Ultragirl IV

My first pair of Melissa shoes. I’ve worn it so much that the lace design faded. πŸ˜… Since it’s my first pair, it has its own post here.

Ultragirl Heel

I always prefer to wear heels at work. Most Melissa heels are more than 3 in. I can hardly walk in those for hours anymore. Since my walk to where I ride to work is a bit long, I need a durable pair of shoes. It was an easy decision to get this. I wish Melissa would release more shoes with heels like this one.

The Ultragirl Heel is cute. I can wear it with shorts, and I can also wear it for work. But its design is narrow. While I already have narrow feet, this was still tight and took a while to break in.

Melissa Jean + Jason Wu

The Melissa Jean + Jason Wu is my most favorite among my Melissa shoes. They are very easy to wear. It matches with anything and saves me a lot of time when I am running late. I can walk in it for hours and never get tired or wounded feet. I used this so much that the soles are almost smooth that it’s already dangerous to use on a rainy day.


Isn’t it cute? I hardly wore it because I had to break it in for a few weeks, or maybe even longer, as the shoes were very tight. It was painful! “Tiis ganda,” they say. I somewhat regret buying it. Nabudol by the pink color.

Each pair of Melissas comes with a pouch.

Melissa Artemis + Jason Wu

Another pair of Jason Wu collaboration. πŸ™‚ I almost missed this one. I’m glad I discovered a store that still had it.

I loved this sandal because it’s flattering for my narrow feet and is lightweight. Long walks in it are tolerable even without padding support.

I didn’t get much use from it since the soles and footbed separated after the sandals got soaked in the rain. Easily fixable with glue, I suppose, but it’s hard to find glue that would really stick.


Flip is a sexy high-heel sandal. I only wear it on special occasions, for an evident reason. πŸ˜‚ The first one I tried was black, but I found the red sexier, and if I wear such high heels, it has to be eye-catching.

Aranha 1979

My boyfriend’s gift for Christmas in 2015. I wasn’t a fan of the color at first, but I eventually realized that it went well with almost anything. It’s also my most comfortable pair of Melissa shoes.

I considered getting another pair in a different color. I tried to justify the purchase by pretending it was like owning multiple pairs of Chuck Taylors. πŸ˜‚ However, my boyfriend convinced me not to go through with it.

Melissa Magda + Jason Wu

Another favorite because it makes me look like I have long legs, especially when I wear it with skirts or shorts.


My least favorite pair, and the last I bought before I went on a “no buy.” I only bought this because it was discounted at less than Php1000. I also thought this could be good for everyday as I wouldn’t feel bad if it breaks. Well, the glue keeping the thong in place gave away.

Melissa Optical in Blue/Beige color.

Boemia II

Another sandal from Melissa.

The cushion makes Boemia II comfortable to wear. I only dislike how it makes my toes look very long. πŸ˜‚


Loafers bring me back to my reggae and ska band days. πŸ™‚ I love–and always will–loafers, brogues, and boots. I was so excited when Melissa announced this release. Such good timing that when Zalora had it in stock, they were also on sale.

The quarter part could scrape skin or cause blisters. Applying might help, but I y. I prefer this with socks anyway, which makes the shoes comfier.

Space Sport

Man, I wanted the Space Sport the moment I saw it. But I had to keep myself from buying because I already had too much still new shoes at the time until it was goodbye self-control when Zalora had a sale.

Space Sport feels very comfortable with its padded insole. Also, since it’s not entirely made of plastic, it’s like it’s not a Melissa at all! But the front upper part of the shoe (or vamp) does not have much grip or is not tight enough. The shoes sometimes easily slip off if I don’t make my feet “grip” tight. Usually painful to wear, yet that has not kept me from wearing it.

It looks so “shala” as my boyfriend would always tease. πŸ˜‚


I’m not into open-toe slippers because they make my feet look wide. I prefer slippers with thongs (between the big and index toes). But Melissa came out with Sauce, and I really like that crossed design.

They look like classy slippers to me. πŸ˜‚ I wear these when I’m too lazy to think what to pair with my outfit. They make me look less nakapambahay. I always take them when I travel because I wear them indoors or outdoors, rain or shine. But these are not ideal for long walks because the insole is stiff and has no arch support.

Billy Creepers

I love the look of creepers. I’d have a collection of this shoe style if they weren’t hard to find here. These pair well with almost anything from casual to work wear.


After Aranha 1979, this has become my most used sandal. It’s airy style makes it great for summer walks (until I get tan lines on my feet, lol). It also has a slightly padded insole.

Melissa Disco

I had sandals that looked like this when I was young, which I often wore. I guess there’s a bit of nostalgia, which could be why I was attracted to this sandal.

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  1. Euri Avatar

    They really have cute designs~ :3

    1. Shabby Avatar

      Yes! That’s why I sometimes resist looking at their shoes because there’s always something I would like and want. ?

      1. Euri Avatar

        Shabby: Must… resist…..
        Melissa: Resistance is futile!

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